Question by  PatrickL (16)

Are there eight shared characteristics of all living things?

What are they?


Answer by  Britt (453)

All living things are made up of cells, they must all be able to reproduce (asexual or sexual), all must have DNA. All must also have a life cycle, must be able to obtain and use energy, they must respond to their environment. They must maintain homeostasis, and must evolve.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

According to some Biologists, the "Eight Characteristics of" Life or Living Things are: 1. Cellular 2. Locomotion or Transport 3. Develop and Growth 4. Reproduce 5. Irritability or Response 6. Assimilation, Energy-transfer, Excretion, Nutrition, Respiration, or Synthesis 7. Regulation 8. Evolve or Mutate


Answer by  Zoso (869)

The most common list says that all living things (1) evolve and (2) reproduce using (3) DNA which reside in their (4) cells, (5) consuming energy to (6) grow and develop, (7) responding and adapting to their immediate environment in a way that (8) maintains a state of homeostasis. Note that other sources cite 6 characteristics or 10 characteristics.


Answer by  RA99 (76)

There are 6 characteristics of all living things. They are: cells, growth, organization, reproduction, homeostasis and energy use. All living organisms will have these 6 in common.


Answer by  IloveScience (118)

The eight shared characteristics of all living things are: brething (need air), Reaction to stimuli (have a reaction to sitmuli to protect their lives), growth (incresing in size and parts), made by cells, eating or making food (need energy), movement (can move), reproduction (can have babies, reproduce), excretion (excrete the substance that the body not use (wastes).


Answer by  CEEFORINA (784)

Yes, there are shared characteristics, though the number is open to variation. It is generally agreed that these are : All cellular,( made of cells). Ability to reproduce. Can adapt to the environment and respond to external stimuli. Maintain homeostasis, or internal balance. Consist of a genetic code or DNA. Have the ability to evolve. Consume energy. Grow and develop

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