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Question by  salin (30)

Are there any snakes in Alaska?

I may go camping in Alaska.


Answer by  Danielle15 (27)

There are no snakes in Alaska. The climate is too cold for there to be indigenous snakes or any other reptiles. There are rare sightings of garter snakes that may have come across from Canada, and sometimes people will let their pet snakes loose, but otherwise you have nothing to fear from snakes while there.


Answer by  Mikvah (57)

There are no snakes or reptiles in Alaska. Very rarely a garter snake in the Alaskan panhandle may be spotted or an escaped pet snake. They do not survive long.


Answer by  Requin (290)

There are no snakes that live in Alaska. It is too cold in Alaska for most reptiles, and the only snakes in the area are escaped pets, and even they wouldn't last very long.


Answer by  ashley31 (263)

No there aren't any snakes in Alaska. The climate is far too cold. In fact there aren't any reptiles at all, so if you are afraid of the or something, don't worry, you will be snake free. The cold is probably far more harmful if you are out in it.


Answer by  Anonymous

My nephew lives in Alaska and said there is one snake in the lowest part of the state!

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