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Question by  jazo (21)

What are the different types of snakes in Ohio?

I need to know what kinds of snakes are in Ohio.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

Some of the examples are the Eastern Massuaga, the Timber Rattlesnake, and the Northern Copperhead. They are all venomous. There's a brown snake, the garter snake, the green snake, and the hog-nosed snake. They are non-venomous.


Answer by  gimmeseven (17)

Ohio is home to mostly non-venomous snakes, the most common being the Garter and Brown Snakes. Only three venomous species naturally inhabit Ohio. the Timber Rattlesnake and the Massasauga; both of which have rattles, and the Copperhead; which appears to have two sets of nostrils (one being sensory pits).


Answer by  worker84 (11)

Three different snakes of Ohio are poisonous in nature and should be treated with respect and caution;the Northern Copperhead,Swamp rattler,and the Timber Rattlesnake.

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