Question by  shirley58 (9)

Are there any MP3 players that are better than iPod?

It seems like iPod is the most popular.


Answer by  amt123 (6)

We have to know that Apple is a monopoly, and that allows for their products to be the most popular. There used to be MP3 players that were better than older generation of iPods, like sony MP3 players, but the iPod has outgrown itself as just an MP3 player. the iPods now pack more functionality than ever, like a computer.


Answer by  alexdamian (192)

The iPod is the most popular indeed, but, for example, Iriver mp3 players have better sound quality, Sony players are smaller and Cowon have more storage.


Answer by  mp3user (5)

Archos MP3 players are better than iPods. The Archos media players have support for flash, which is a major drawback to the iPods.


Answer by  Krimbo (24)

Whilst I would recommend replacing the headphones that come with your ipod I do not think that there is a better MP3 player. It allows all of your music to be collated in a way that makes sense and it is simple to create playlists.


Answer by  dodgersfan (7)

Depends on what you think is better. iPod is the latest and greatest. But if you don't need all the bells a whistles, you can get a player that plays mp3s for cheaper that work just as well. Even ones with touch screens that play video and do other things.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

There are a lot of good player out there. In my opinion ipods are way overpriced. I personally recommend Samsung's variety of player. Especially the T10 and P2 models. Both can be had for under $100. The P2 is an especially good deal with video, and bluetooth capabilities.

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