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Question by  Bob32 (8)

Are there any legitimate work at home jobs?

How do you know it is legitimate?


Answer by  tfine (88)

There are many ways to earn money from home. Websites such as Amazon's mechanical turk website and survey websites such as opinionplace let you earn money from home. Amazon is a reputable company so you know it is legitimate. For the survey sites, however, a lot are not legitimate. The "survey police" website can help you research companies' legitimacy.


Answer by  jmrdflcarpenter (515)

Yes there is. It is just up to you to find them. What you do is go to a search engine and find work at home jobs and than you can either call the Better Business Bureau or go to there website and find out about the company to see if they are truly legit.


Answer by  Canguy34 (10)

What a good question. Be carefull of any ad that says "Work from Home" in the title. There is no proof that any of them are legitimate. If you were to come across any legitimate "Work from Home" jobs, then they will (Never) ask you to pay any money up front. Makes no sense to pay money to make money.


Answer by  prissymissy (1895)

It is very difficult to find legitimate work at home jobs. You can look on the internet for work. For example Amazon's Mechanical Turk is a good way to earn extra cash. If you have to pay to do the work then it is definitely a scam. So be careful while you are looking for work at home.


Answer by  junebug0720 (270)

First of all if a site wants you to pay ANYTHING it is a scam. I do side jobs with and . These are legitimate sites for extra money. You could also sell things on Ebay. I would buy clearance children's clothes and sell them for extra money.

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