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Question by  o3 (9)

Are there any fees for changing your name?

I want a legal name change. I don't know much about how to do it though.


Answer by  patti (29325)

There is a fee. An attorney can prepare the proper documents, file the request and accompany you to court to petition for the name change. Expect to pay $300 - $600, depending on where you live.


Answer by  NSL (81)

Yes there are fee's. Often there are filing fee's, the fee to request a recent certified copy of your birth certificate and the cost of copies. Most jurisdictions require at least two copies and in some states you must publish the name change in a paper, which will also cost.


Answer by  MSH (305)

In New York there are no filing fees for a name change, bu you will incur a fee with Motor vehicle to change your license


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

Depending on the state where you live you may have to take out an ad in the paper and there is also a fee involved when you file it at the courthouse.

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