Question by  kwiklip (29)

How do I change my Honda 90 motorcycle valve seals?

The valve seals on my Honda motorcycle have gone bad and I need to change them.


Answer by  Olddad (94)

Machinist shops can get you a Valve Seal replacement kit which will come with full step by step instructions. Call some of the shops in your area and see if they have one. It may have to be ordered but usually you can receive an ordered kit in few days.


Answer by  MadeleinaTallent (44)

I can't answer in 50 words or less. Pick up a Clymer Motorcycle Repair Manual for your Honda 90. It will help you troubleshoot and also give instructions on replacing the motorcycle valve seals. It will also be handy when and if future maintenance issues come up. Good luck!

Reply by ClaudiaD (136):
Look at some auctions and in classifieds. I found my manual for dirt cheap and am really glad I have it now. Before replacing the seals you can find out how to make sure that your valves aren't getting worn down (a must do before replacing the seals! )  add a comment

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