Question by  Rosie (22)

Are there any fase creams to avoid during pregnancy?


Answer by  Shiji (128)

if you are allergic to nay creams it should be avoided during pregnancy because if any sort of allergie occured you have to take antihistamine which may harmful during pregnancy.


Answer by  Kristin97 (149)

Face creams containing retinoids or salicyclic acids should be avoided. Further, most dermatologists will not recommend injectable wrinkle treatments such as botox.


Answer by  Mary (2095)

Any face cream that has medicine to prevent acne should be avoided during prenancy. Other creams that contain anti-aging hormones or herbs should be investigated, meaning check with your doctor.


Answer by  reetakanchal (22)

There is no restrictions to use for the face creams. Because it used for the external purposes. If face creams will make to some ladies to avoid creams.


Answer by  lillybby (359)

Yes. Avoid anything with lots of chemicals or ingredients as they can be absorbed. It is best to find an all natrual cream.

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