Question by  jane29 (34)

Are there any caterpillars that bite?

I believe I got bitten by a caterpillar.


Answer by  atomicskr (71)

Caterpillars do not bite. There are some species with covered with poisonous spines. Contact with these spines can casue symptoms similar to a bug bite.


Answer by  NJCFernandez (14)

Caterpillars do bite to eat their food however they are not venomous and I'm unaware of any pain associated with a bite. If you are experiencing pain it is more likely from the hair-like spines on some types of caterpillars as they have been known to irritate the skin.


Answer by  techgurl (97)

They can bite, though the mouth parts are strong enough to cut through human skin. They can have poisonous spines and/or hair coming out from their bodies, however, so it's best not to mess with them.


Answer by  wormy (18)

I don't know of any biting caterpillars but there are stinging caterpillars. They have hairs that penetrate the skin, releasing a fluid which results in burning and itching.


Answer by  Lora88 (28)

I have never heard of a caterpillar that bites, however there are a few that can sting. If stung by a caterpillar, you will generally get a rash as well.

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