Question by  pjs7897 (30)

Are there any beneficial nematodes?


Answer by  patti (29325)

Beneficial nematodes are microscopic organizms found in soil all over the world. These organisms enter their prey through body openings, give off a toxin, and the host dies. Beneficial nematodes an organic way of getting rid of fleas, grubs, weevils, ants, termites and a host of other insect pests.


Answer by  monkeyz (3150)

Yes! While nematodes are generally considered to be pests themselves, you can actually use parasitic nematodes to help destroy other common pests. Nematodes added to your garden will fight against an array of pests that would ordinarily destroy your plants. You can also use nematodes to kill fleas by sprinkling them in places outside that your pets usually play.


Answer by  mollymay318 (49)

There are some nematodes that are beneficial to you, and your garden. Certain nematodes can help to keep pesky bugs out of your garden. Just remember to check any food that comes from spaces where nematodes could be living.


Answer by  Creedr (73)

Yes there are, they eat the larva of crane fly, fleas, root weevils, grubs, cut worms, borers, gnats, and a wide range of other pests. The good news is that they leave hard working worms alone and they don't harm birds, pets, or humans.

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