Question by  JesseJack (51)

Are there animals that eat their young?

Seems like it wouldn't happen much, but still, we hear stories...


Answer by  Anonymous

Yes,some fish and rodents do.It might be the cause of lack of food or simply because they have a taste for their young.That's why there is such word called 'cannibalism'.


Answer by  Diddum (348)

There are several animals that in particular cases eat their young. Among them you find rabbits, hamsters, rats (for example if humans manipulated the little and thus change their odor) and mice. Even dogs, large felines and sea lions are among the cannibals. Among "lower" animals this is even more common. The fishes, for example, can eat their own eggs.


Answer by  John (9008)

There are animals that will eat their young. This behavior occurs most commonly in fish, but is also present in rodents (especially mice), as well as some other animals. Sometimes, parents of one gender (usually males) will eat the young while those of the other gender will not.


Answer by  Anonymous

yes komodo dragons do


Answer by  annmarie817 (15)

Sharks only birth one pup, because it eats the others in the womb. Survival of the fittest definitely comes into play here, especially after birth. The mother will eat the young immediately if it doesn't swim away fast enough.

Reply by lindsay (111):
That is completely untrue! Sharks lay eggs, they don't "birth pups." Newborn sharks are generally safe from their own parents, as the parents don't hang around long enough for them to be a danger.  add a comment
posted by Anonymous
lindsay is mistaken. Sharks have three ways; live bearing and yes they ARE called Pups, eggs, and a combo of the two.  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

my frnd cat eat her baby i dnt no y but she did has any1s cat eatten thr babys

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