Question by  worker67 (30)

What animal is rolling up my lawn and eating grubs?

I need to know more about this animal on my lawn eating grubs.


Answer by  PZ (1206)

More than likely it's a skunk or a raccoon tearing up the sod to get at the grubs. If the sod has been rolled up, unroll it, push it back into place and water it. However, the only way stop the animals from digging is to eliminate the grubs.


Answer by  kookie (47)

Most commonly it is a transient skunk. Use skunk trapps baited properly. be sure to follow all state laws on handling wildlife. A proper skunk trap should be 7x7x24. To find proper skunk bait check local hardware store. Or try the internet there should be an abundant amount of imformation on proper bait for skunks and other lawn pests.


Answer by  greggula (112)

Does your neighbor have a pig? Do you live near a farm? Pigs are the most famous grub hunters, they just love em!

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