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Question by  Louise (94)

Are the Playstation2 game cheats given in magazines updated?


Answer by  drew12 (244)

No, the magazine is made on printed paper and has no way of magically updating the information on the paper. The cheats are not needing to be updated as the games themselves are not updated when you play them. Cheats that worked at the time of the magazines publication will still work if they were valid cheats.


Answer by  JW85 (25)

It really depends on the date the game came out and the date the magazine did. If they are close enough, yes. Otherwise, the code may be outdated due to the updates.


Answer by  Thejones (227)

It depends on how old the magazine is really, but GamePro and the Official Playstation Magazine tend to have accurate cheats.


Answer by  yoyo72 (50)

Yes generally the cheats in magazines would be updated as soon as they are made available. Although often the most convenient way to find cheats is the internet! As the game developers will generally release them to the web first.

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