Question by  JasonHadley (245)

Are the Haynes Manuals available online?

I need one for a Saab.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Amazon offers an extensive line of Haynes Manuals. Haynes manuals are more readily available in the UK. In the US, the Chilton Manuals are more accessible and many more have been written for the many makes and models produced in this country.


Answer by  Wichita (84)

You may have to search for used manuals online, especially if the Haynes Manual you need is out of print. At the time I searched, a number of used Saab manuals were available at the Bookfinder website, which searches online vendors of both new and used books.


Answer by  ttownbeast (341)

You can order Haynes auto manuals through the website which is self named but the publications cannot be found for free online your best option would be to borrow from your local library which has an extensive reference section including both Haynes and Chilton manuals, you can also request the books on inter-library loan and copy the sections you need.


Answer by  spaffman10000 (469)

Sadly, they're not. It would be a breach of copyright to make this information freely available. You can however order them directly from the Haynes website ().

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