Question by  khanna (17)

Are strong Cuban cigars good?


Answer by  thom0045 (350)

Whether strong Cuban cigars are good or not really depends on a person's personal tastes. However, if a person is a "cigar fan" than the stronger one is the better.


Answer by  lbs720 (5)

Yes, strong Cuban cigars are very good. They contain all the proper ingredients to give you smelly breath, stain your teeth, and eventually give you mouth, throat, and lung cancer. If you want to be smelly and sick, they are great! Your future oncologist who needs money for his son's education recommends them heartily!


Answer by  helol25 (680)

Well those are really bad for your health. I recommend you not taking them and no they are not good. Their really damaging for the liver let me tell you.


Answer by  ryanleatherman (78)

yes strong cuban cigars are good, but like the name says they are strong and rich in taste, so if you like a strong cigar you will like them


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Personally, I enjoy a good strong Cuban cigar, but everyone is different, and some don't prefer either Cubans, or a strong cigar period.

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