Question by  Marvelmomma (124)

Are repairing camper tops easy?


Answer by  escribechrys (7)

The first thing about repairing camper tops is-what's wrong with the camper top? The next thing is-are you good a DIY repairs? If it's a simple repair and your're good with that, then repairs are a breeze, just like making apple pie is for someone who likes to cook.


Answer by  Ashley79 (7)

Repairing camper tops is expensive and time consuming. To be honest it is an expensive process if you get a professional to do it. I had a used camper and ended up buying a new one altogether instead of going through the process of fixing the camper top. It was unbearable and easier to just get a more durable camper.


Answer by  jmowreader (61)

If it's a hole in the metal, it's pretty easy. Get a piece of metal to cover it and a tube of roof cement and some screws from a lumberyard. Put a bead of Wet Patch Roof Cement around the bottom edge of the patch, Stick the patch on the hole, screw it down and put cement over the screwheads.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Actually, it is a pretty straightforward fix if you have the right tools- often involving fiberglass work- there are TONS of self help sites online to guide you through this.

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