Question by  Eric519 (16)

Are Pokemon card misprints worth anything?


Answer by  Zampano (164)

Pokemon card misprints, such as the "edition d" butterfree are worth a little more than other versions of the same card but not much more. Also, the value of Pokemon cards in general has gone done severely over the last few years.


Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

Like anything in collecting it really depends on what the card is, how many were misprinted, edition of the card. Take it to someone reputable who knows the cards.


Answer by  Mgarcia (752)

As with any collectible a misprinted card raises the value of an item unless all in the series had the same mistake. In this case the correct version would be worth more.


Answer by  Jalex (104)

Being a former avid card collector I can only tell you this. The value of a misprinted card is determined by how many of these cards are in circulation. The more of the cards that exist the less valuable they are. I would look at price guides or go in to a collecibles shop.


Answer by  Anonymous

i have a misprint slowbro card that says kabutops on the name

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