Question by  hsweet (40)

How much are NFL cards worth?

I inherited a large set of NFL cards.


Answer by  lmwilkinson (131)

The value of the cards as a whole really depends on the worth of each individual card. The condition of the card as well as who the card features and their status in the NFL determines the cards value. There are several sites online as well as books available to help you find the value of each card.

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Answer by  Vince62 (91)

The 1st step is to get an NFL Beckett magazine which will give you the prices of all the cards you have inherited. All cards can be laser graded if they appear perfect to the eye and are of value, don't sent to be graded if there is no value, PSA and Beckett are the only respected grading companies.


Answer by  Zorfandel (398)

The set as a whole might be worth something. However NFL cards on the wholde are worth very little. They never received the attention that any other sports cards did. This is a huge portion of the reasoning involving their lack of value. In good condition a few cards might be worth selling individually.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The value of a card is mostly based on condition of the card and rarity. You will need to find a card price guide and look up each card to find out how much they are worth total.


Answer by  dave4359 (66)

The value will depend on who the card features, the year of the card, and of course, it's condition. Probably your best bet is to have them graded and evaluated by a professional sports memorabilia dealer.


Answer by  Turkwork (1150)

Football card values are determined by age, condition, number of cards made, and players. The older better condition stars that they made less of are worth more. Also cards can be worth more in the area the is located in. Dallas Cowboy cards can be worth more in Texas.


Answer by  noey1958 (1405)

NFL cards each have a different value. Better players are generally worth more but not many are worth much money at all. Use an online card search engine or online auction to see what your cards are selling for. Generally the oldest cards and the top players are sought after.


Answer by  FriendlyClown (23)

They can be pretty valuable- usually more so if it's the first card (or rookie card) of a player who went on to have a great career.


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

The earlier the edition of cards, the more valuable they're going to be. Like for example, if you have a joe namath or dick butkus card.

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