Question by  melissa6705 (12)

Are nightlights bad for eye development?

I keep a nightlight in my infants room and am concerned it may hamper the development of his eyes.


Answer by  pezme (27)

I have 3 children and I have always used nightlights in their bedrooms since they were born. I always purchased nightlights that had the light guard on the front to keep the light subdued a bit and have never had an issue with their eyesight.


Answer by  ual1205 (33)

Nightlights and near-sightedness are linked in a new study at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School in Philadelphia. Full darkness may be necessary for proper eye development. In this study, statistics supported 34% of children having nightlights on at night later developing near-sightedness. For children who sleep in full room light, more than half may develop near-sightedness at some point.


Answer by  Tabatha (440)

Many children have nightlights in their room and I have never heard that they could cause problems with sight or eye development. Children like the security and parents seem to be more comfortable when using nightlights too. My son is 9 still has a nightlight and he has perfect vision.


Answer by  Jojoblue (468)

I have never heard anything like that. I don't believe so. My auntie who is a nurse gave my daughter a nightlight as a gift.

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