Question by  bh (24)

Are lyme disease and swollen lymph nodes related?


Answer by  worker54 (75)

Lyme disease is inflammatory disease caused by ticks; Swollen lymph nodes can be caused by any infection or cancer; lyme disease can cause swollen lymph nodes, but we can not say swollen lymph nodes caused by lyme disease.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

No that is the answer, lyme disease is caused by a bacteria infection spread by certain types of ticks.The lymph nodes swell which is caused by either a tumor or an injury.


Answer by  BigDaveB (15)

Lyme disease does not directly affect the lymph system, but left untreated, it can lead to severe and chronic problems with the brain, nerves, eyes, joints and heart. Resulting infections in these systems can cause swelling in the lymph nodes.


Answer by  PooBear (341)

The relationship is only that Lyme Disease causes the lynph system to react just like it does to any other infection. There are sometimes swollen nodes, but not always. This is not a definite sign of Lyme Disease.


Answer by  Anonymous

UC Davis study shows lyme hides out lymph nodes, yes, it definitely always affects them. It is a bacterial diseases that circulates through the blood.

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