Question by  pacificreefblue (22)

Are daily manners in Kenya very different from those in the United States?


Answer by  Annie82 (373)

Daily manners in Kenya are quite similar to those in the United States, although people greet each other with Jambo, meaning hello or how are you, followed by a short handshake. You should then inquire about their health and family, but be prepared to hear much more than fine. It is considered rude to rush this part of the greeting.


Answer by  Aubs (1089)

Yes. In Kenya they are much more respectful to each other and they are much more polite when conducting daily business.


Answer by  lifeisgoodinbim (23)

Manners are much more important in Kenya than the United States. You should always be polite while traveling within the country and greet people with 'Good Morning' or 'Good Evening' when you meet. If you visit someone's home, it advisable to bring a gift even a simple one such as flowers or a bottle of wine.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Yes, they are. The United States culture is very individualist so the focus is on the individual and getting independent matters such as jobs done. In Kenya, it is very different. The focus is on enjoying the day and living life according to your business. I would say it is more collectivist.


Answer by  apple (447)

When looking at manners as a whole, American and Kenyan etiquette is largely the same. There are differences, however, and to generalize those differences, you probably could say that Kenyan manners are more formal and traditional than American manners.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Yes, they are different. People in Kenya live a slower life and they are more focused on agrarian cultures such as farming and what not. People in the United States on the other hand live more of a luxury life style and go out partying and watching movies etc. Such is not the life in Kenya.


Answer by  scarywoodwitch (158)

I think manners in a general sense are pretty universal, so my answer would be no. It is polite to greet somebody when they come into your home, which both people in the US and Kenya both do. Its also customary to shake hands in both places. We are certainly not that different.

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