Question by  tushark1 (25)

Are Bionicles toys violent?

My son wants these toys for his birthday.


Answer by  Carly20 (47)

Depending on your son's age these toys may be entirely appropriate. They help with fine motor skills and spatial recognition. They are only violent if he plays violently.


Answer by  Quis (204)

No they are not violent they are robots that you can build kind of like legos but you build these giant robots instead of buildings like legos. So no they are not violent at all.


Answer by  Sarita79 (79)

There are "good guy" and "bad guy" Bionicles. So, they are toys with a built in conflict. However, I wouldn't automatically classify them as violent. For these toys it's more how your son will make them interact, how he uses his own imagination to solve the conflict.


Answer by  diane41 (309)

Bionicles are a type of toy by LEGO brand. These characters are designed to be super hero types who fight evil. As an imaginative toy I imagine they could be as peaceful or as violent as the child who plays with them makes them to be, however, I do not believe that they are designed to be that way.


Answer by  Lisa30 (27)

I don't think that bionicles toys are violent. They are like any toy it depends on how the child is raised as to how they will look at the toys.


Answer by  Anonymous

No, no no!!! They are most definitely not robots. Are they violent? Well, depends on how your son plays with them. If he makes them fight, they fight. If he makes them just hang out, they aren't. They have a really good storyline but yeah, they are really cool.

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