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Question by  hygienegirl (18)

What are great toy suggestions for a beagle?

I need toys for my beagle.


Answer by  spragoo (1500)

any dog will love a bone of course, but other great toys for a beagle are-a squeaky fetch toy, a ball, a medium sized tug o war toy that you can tug with him, and maybe a small soft Frisbee as well.


Answer by  Kim45 (27)

My beagle loves any stuffed toys and also the kong toys when they are filled with peanut butter. She loves all stuffed toys weather or not they squeak. Don't get anything with hard plastic eyes, from my experience the dog will chew out those types of eyes and then they could possibly swollow them.


Answer by  aoleksak (78)

Beagles love to sniff so i would suggest a Kong, or a similar other toy that you can put food/treats in. That will keep them occupied.


Answer by  Aaron12 (70)

They love to chew on things so I would recommend a toy that is tough and durable. Having a tough toy that is resistant to gnawing will promote a longer life of the chew toy which will benefit your dog. A raw hide is a great option because they are challenging to your dog and dogs love the taste.


Answer by  beefwoman (-24)

a baby perferably new born

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