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Question by  PsyKickRuhYn (32)

Are all available apartments around the country listed on Apartment Finders?

How would I find out about apartments that aren't on there?


Answer by  patti (29325)

Apartments complexes pay to be listed on various websites. Check the local newspapers and/or Craig's List for rentals in addition to those that pay for advertising.


Answer by  Cassandradalla (228)

Probably not. Not every rental apartment receives extensive advertising by a landlord, although many properties are widely advertised online. Additionally, real estate markets are more competitive in some areas of the country than others; sometimes apartments rent quickly because a departing tenant directly refers a successor tenant to the landlord.


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

Not all of the apartments are listen on the finders but most other ones can be found using or Yahoo real estate.

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