Question by  SriLanka (264)

Am I allowed to smile for my Driver's License Picture?

or, is it true that you are supposed to have a serious face?


Answer by  sammy0415 (274)

I have smiled in every single one of my driver license photos. There is no law against smiling. Most people just like to look serious in theirs.


Answer by  theMediaman (6)

Passports are usually a stern 'NO'! That's why most people think the same for driver's licences. However, (in Ontario, at least) there's not problem with smiling for a driver's licence.

posted by Anonymous
just got my licence renewed july 2012. not allowed to smile! :(  add a comment

Answer by  Akraftwerk (30)

Well,by the terms of law, in most of the countries, they say that:The smile of the human face is very different from a serious face, because, when we smile, the configuration of the face shoulb be different. And, they have a point! Just go out on the street, and look to some faces!


Answer by  Anonymous


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