Question by  MAHE (28)

What kind of pets do witches have?

My neighbor claims to be a witch and yet she has dogs as pets.


Answer by  Kidiu (33)

Witches mainly keep black cats, and warlocks mainly keep black dogs/wolves. Other pets include birds, rodents, fish, snakes, frogs, spiders, etc.

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Answer by  lalaland (238)

Witches have often been associated with having cats, namely black cats. However, in modern times the word "witch" has brought on a whole new meaning and is commonly referred to as someone who is Wiccan. If your neighbor is a Wiccan, there are no "rules" about what pets she should or shouldn't have.


Answer by  Evies (27)

Based on common myth and superstition, witches are speculated to keep cats (usually black cats) as pets, but dogs are a possibility, especially if said dogs are black. Other creatures, such as owls, ravens, frogs, toads, mice, bats, or even horses can also be kept by witches as pets. Wolves and goats, too.


Answer by  smoon (46)

In mythology and such, withes are mostly known to have black cats as a pet. They are also sometimes known to have a raven or owl as a pet as well. So maybe your neighbor isn't a witch at all.

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Answer by  Anonymous

Wiccans mainly have that one special animal as their familiar. Maybe you should get to know her better, ask her why she has dogs instead. You guys could become good friends, you never know :)


Answer by  Anonymous

I don't think u guys understand much about witches. They're all different, they don't have to have a certain animal as a pet.


Answer by  rubiconski (0)

My dog is my familiar :)


Answer by  Anonymous

Well, I'm Wiccan and I have 2 hamsters, a cockatiel, and 2 parakeets as my pets. As with any Christian/Jew/Muslim/etc, you have whatever pets you want to (or that your housing complex/apartment allows!). Just because we're witches doesn't mean we MUST have cats as pets lol.

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