Question by  Molly36 (27)

What kind of personality does a boxer lab mix have?

We are looking for a good pet.


Answer by  Alantheficus (21)

It is important to remember that every dog is unique, and the personality of one dog within a breed may not be the same as another. However, generally speaking boxer-lab mixes tend to be friendly, high energy, playful dogs that enjoy a lot of exercise and time with people.

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Recently got a boxer lab mix. He's about 14 weeks. I've never had a puppy & didn't know what to expect (he's a rescue). He's great! Easy to train, quick learner/smart, personality+ & respects my cats space. I just adore him & so does everyone in the neighborhood!  add a comment

Answer by  daintysabrina (148)

Boxer/Lab Mixes tend to be very playful and energetic. They are usually one of the most loyal breeds that you can find. Tend to be a little hard headed.


Answer by  dtb (257)

From what I heard about boxer lab mixes have great personalities! They are sweet with everyone, (even kids), very loyal, easy to train, and active, too! I suggest these animals!


Answer by  sara28 (68)

A boxer lab is one of the best mixes out there. They are playful and silly, loyal and friendly as long as they are socialized. They are a fun dog!


Answer by  JaydeesLaydee (523)

Mixed breeds tend to make the best pets in my experience. Know that not all dogs are the same, so the temperament might vary from dog to dog. Look up all breeds in the cross as your dog will likely have characteristics of one or both breeds in the mix.


Answer by  noc (5)

Great personality, playful and loving and affectionate, also if you have kids and the dogs grew up around them the dog will protect them.loves to play .very cheerfull,likes to dig stuffs and shakes when sees shadows

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