Question by  kbowdridge (79)

Would a keyguard for a PC keyboard be helpful for someone with Parkinson's?

My grandfather's hands tremble.


Answer by  GRFiELD (59)

A keyguard (plastic cover that fits over the keyboard with specific key cutouts) could work very well for someone with Parkinson's as the guard will protect the keys from bein accidentally bumped the only downside is a slightly slower typing speed until the person is used to the layout.


Answer by  Anwar88 (112)

The Keyguard has proven to be a highly successful tool for people with muscular weakness difficulties, like Parkinson's.Keyguards can have an effect on typing speed usually slowing it down significantly.


Answer by  maharaj87 (9)

a person with Parkinson's needs special help to handle PC keyboard.smaller keyboards can eb provided which will reducing the finger movement and reducing pain and fatigue.keyboard with enlarged key labeling and improved contrast and colors.split keyboards seem especially appropriate for users suffering from slowness, rigidity and muscle stiffness.


Answer by  midhun9995 (5)

sure it will. Because a man with Parkinson's have problem of shaking of hands. so with a key guard he can type with less error than without a keyguard

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