Question by  Rachel94 (15)

What are the early symptoms of Parkinson's disease?


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

The early symptoms of Parkinson's disease are often very difficult to detect. In fact, an estimated 7.5%-41% of early Parkinson's diagnoses have been found to be false. Early symptoms that can be found include a slowness in movement and limb tremors during relaxation. If caught early Parkinson's disease can now be treated with Levodopa and with continual medical moderation.


Answer by  blrVoice (1054)

One of the early symptoms of Parkinson's might be having difficulties with your motor skills, dementia, sleeping problems and unstable posture. Patients suffer tremor and sometimes have stiff facial expressions.


Answer by  HeidiW (371)

Its depends for every person, but shaking is the most common early symptom that can be first noticed usually in the arm, when is resting. It starts just on one side of the body and then it spreads. Muscle stiffness and instability also come early, and you experience a slower rhythm in your day by day activities.


Answer by  Katie57 (169)

Early symptoms include resting tremor, loss of facial expressions, slowing of movements, and in some people, problems with swallowing or speaking.


Answer by  AbdulQadir (11)

Parkinson's Disease : Disease caused by the damage in Substania Nigra Of Basal Ganglia. Symptoms : 1. Hypokinesia: Difficulty in movement. 2. Bradykinesia: Difficulty in initiating movement 3. Involuntary Tremors

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