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Question by  irishlamma (37)

Will older Sega Genesis games work on Sega Genesis 3?

I am getting ready to buy the Sega Genesis 3.


Answer by  JeJe (23)

You're really a sega fan like me ^^. Yups you can play older sega genesis games on sega genesis 3


Answer by  Blip (313)

The Sega Genesis 3 utilizes the same cartridges used in previous models of the gaming system. Eliminating the Sega CD, most if not all games should be backwards compatible.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Of course! Older Sega games will play on a Sega Genesis 3. It was designed with retro fitting in mind however you may find some games that you simply can't play because they aren't designed by Sega directly. These third party games can be a hassle to run. Sega was good like that!


Answer by  nimn (202)

Yes I think it works like a ps3 for ps2 games. You can actually play Gen 3 games on your gen 2 machine buy u can't play gen 2 games on your gen 3


Answer by  JSMcTilty (90)

Yes, the Sega Genesis 3 was designed to play the older Genesis games. There may be a few games that do not work, but these are the exception.


Answer by  Jonnyboy92345 (182)

Theirs no sega genesis 3 only model 1,2, and 3 so your talking about model 3. Yes and no because the model 3 is smaller it only works with some titles.

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