Question by  luyuma (253)

Will I be happy with a blue sink?

I am remodeling my bathroom and I generally love the color blue.


Answer by  Gretchin (352)

It is possible you will be happy with a blue sink. Remember you will have it for many years. Getting a white sink and decorating in blue may be a better choice. White goes with any color and you would have more options should you decide to change colors.


Answer by  jh (138)

Household items such as appliances and fixtures can help create your own unique space. However, there are less permanent approaches than accenting with expensive fixtures. If you're planning to resell yin the future, something like a blue sink could discourage buyers that do not like the color blue and do not want to incur the expense to replace it.


Answer by  canadabee (932)

There's no reason not to enjoy a blue sink, as long as you enjoy the color blue. Just make sure you get a model of sink that meets your needs.


Answer by  ApprenticeJenn (959)

A colorful sink can be fun, but may become tiresome after awhile. It is also harder to redecorate (without replacing) should you want a different color scheme in the future.


Answer by  infogiver (73)

It is a matter of opinion. Just make sure it goes with the rest of your decor. A more traditional color may be better if you need to sell.


Answer by  Lisa6938 (485)

If you like the color blue, you generally will be happy with a sink this color. Keep in mind however, that darker color sinks may be harder to keep clean.


Answer by  carol (1241)

If you love blue and you plan to stay in your house for a long time go for the blue sink. However,if you plan to sell your home anytime in the near future I would go with a neutral color such as white.


Answer by  Evilpeoplerock00 (64)

If you generally love the color blue then you will most likely be happy with a blue sink. Blue is a very calming color so it's unlikely that a blue sink will ever upset. As long as the other colors in your bathroom are either complimentary or analogous, I'm sure it will look great.


Answer by  JamesPearce (117)

It doesn't matter. If you like the colour blue and it suits your bathroom, then you might. But make sure that you are happy with it before you fit it. Hold it in position and check weather it fits before you install it.

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