Question by  sbohanon (36)

Will drinking white vinegar cleanse the body?

I am looking for a natural body cleanser.


Answer by  tunsad (413)

That would depend on what study you look at or who you talk to. Many people swallow vinegar or gargle with it in order to pass drug tests. If drug testing is not your problem, then drinking plenty of water would cleanse your body as well.


Answer by  journeychris (27)

As far as I know, white vinegar does not cleanse the body, but apple cider vinager does. You may also want to try lemon water, watermelon, and aloe as natural detox.


Answer by  jangm96 (899)

No. Instead of white vinegar, many believe that apple cider vinegar is a good choice for body cleansing / detoxification. Hippocrates used to use it as a whole body health tonic. You will need to make sure to get 100% pure, raw, natural, unpasteurized, unfiltered, organic apple cider vinegar.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

I just read an article I found on Google on the benefits of vinegar. It list all the great things apple and white vinegar do for the body. It is one of the cheapest ways to cleanse your body and cure some ailments.


Answer by  Abbas (86)

It is a compond - acetic acid and it will not cleanse the body either it is white or brown in color.


Answer by  MD22 (9)

Do not drink vinegar! It's too acidic. Second, the body does *not* need "cleansing"! It cleanses itself as necessary. Eat a balanced high-fiber diet, don't smoke, don't drink too much.


Answer by  SubhashChander (1773)

Drinking of white vinegar would not help in cleaning the body. The better way would be to have a bathe after cleaning your body with cotton dipped in unboiled milk.

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