Question by  triavalon (8)

How do can I cleanse my liver after binge drinking?

I had a wild weekend, and drank way too much. Now I just feel awful. I need to do something so my body can get back to normal.


Answer by  timargie (7)

First of all, drink at least eight ounces of water with the juice of one lemon squeezed into it. Then eat blueberries and yogurt for breakfast. Make some mild green tea and put honey in it. Eat a large fresh salad for lunch and drink a fruit smoothie for snack.


Answer by  chulet (33)

Be sure to drink lots of water in the next 24 hours, as well as adding lime to your water to help flush out any toxins. You should stick to liquids like soup and electrolyte drinks to prevent your body from becoming overwhelmed trying to digest solid foods.


Answer by  hamstah (5)

The best solution would be to drink a lot of ice-cold water and have a good meal. Once the hangover wears off, you could go jogging or to a gym.


Answer by  sarah0045 (186)

In order to help your liver get rid fo excess alcohol you should drink lots of water, eat foods with lots of vitamin C such as green tea or orange juice, the vitamin C will boost your immune system. Avoid fatty foods, they'll only do more damage to your liver.

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