Question by  DerRaecherMitDemBecher (32)

Will borax help to get rid of fleas from a 20 mule team?


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

I believe borax is pretty strong formula to kill the fleas on your mules. If not, then a professional veternarian formula will need to be implemented.


Answer by  boraxandmulelover (6)

Yes it will. Borax is a super strong cleaning product and will provide super strong cleaning powers to clean the entire team. Even fleas won't stand a chance! The hardest part, certainly, would be to get all twenty mules lined up in nice standing order and waiting to be de-flead...


Answer by  audiobookman (4)

Borax may be used to kill insects, so , I suppose it could be used for that purpose, but I have always seen it advertised as washing detergent booster.


Answer by  KLC (198)

Yes, but the straight boric acid will work better and without the soapy residue in your carpets and furniture. Just sprinkle the boric acid into the carpet, beat it in deep, and you're done.

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