Question by  lorenzobonomi (12)

Will a drug test show if the urine was from a male or a female?


Answer by  rayven8099 (199)

Most laboratories administering drug tests will only be testing for the metabolites of illegal drugs or commonly abused prescription drugs. Other testing may be done on the specimen if it is suspected the specimen has been tampered with. This may include checking for the presence of sperm or vaginal cells.


Answer by  Acoustica (69)

It is possible for the lab techs to determine your gender through a drug test, but there are legal ramifications involved. You must sign a document stating that it is okay for the lab techs to determine your gender through the drug test, otherwise it is extracting information unnecessarily from a private sample.


Answer by  raviteja (26)

Yes, with the technology existing now, drug test will show whether the urine is from male or female because male urine does not have as many enzymes as female urine.


Answer by  Amom (701)

Unless it's more than a drug test, no it will not show sex. However, if they're doing a hormone check with the test you may have a problem.

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