Question by  senegaulois (139)

Why would a doctor recommend a PET scan?


Answer by  kimecoe (19)

A PET Scan is a nuclear medicine exam to locate areas of metabolic increase due to cancer. It is of use to locate cancer clusters. Cancers accumulate the isotope used during the exam and highlight on the images that are taken, giving a better idea of where in the body cancers are growing.


Answer by  TeresaL (150)

A doctor would possbly recommend a PET scan for a newly diagnosed cancer patient. It checks the entire body to see if the cancer has spread to any other parts of the body. It can help with the staging of the disease and the doctors to know what type of treatment to recommend.


Answer by  jp1999 (231)

A PET (positron emission tomography) is used to study the brains blood flow and can help identify nervous system problems.


Answer by  deshpandev65yahoocom (149)

PET scan generally recommended by a doctor for knowing the damage of brain from stroke. The regions of the brain involoved in a particular function. PET scan is used to study epilipsy, schizophrenia, parkinson's disease and drug addiction.

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