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Question by  csaw (100)

Why won't my Philips big screen tv turn on?


Answer by  Andrew78 (153)

The reason your Phillips big screen will not turn on is because you must make sure the tv is plugged into the wall and connected in the back of the unit correctly and that you have a good pair of batteries in the remote.


Answer by  xAtomichamsterx (100)

It may sound stupid, but a good idea is to make sure that it's plugged in. Next, check all other connections from the TV to the electricity/cable. If none of those suggestions solve the issue, I would suggest it's because the TV is defective, call the company.


Answer by  jsmith (2067)

Your question is too vague to answer in this venue, but I suggest you contact your TV company's customer service as soon as possible to work out repairs/warranty issues.


Answer by  praveen99 (78)

Please open the mother board of the TV and check if all the capacitors. Most of the times, capacitor burns out and you can see the color changes to black. You can just replace the capacitor, I bought 2 capacitor for $20. Mean while check the Fuse, some time fuse may fails.


Answer by  Edgaras (86)

Check does your electricity works :-) Because I never had any problems with this Philips big screen TV. But depends, did it work before.


Answer by  samimi (32)

You can try unplugging the TV for a little bit (20-30 minutes) then plug it back in and see if it turns on. If that doesn't work, it may be a problem with the power supply and you will have to get it checked out by a qualified repair man.

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