Question by  Alisha79 (35)

Why won't my motorcycle start immediately after stopping?

I have to wait before I can start it again.


Answer by  Abby57 (329)

Do you have a kill switch? The kill switch might be stuck in place. That happened to me; I owned a Yamaha 125 with a kill switch that got stuck and it was preventing the bike from starting. It would be worthwhile to have a mechanic check that out. Also, your engine might be running hot.


Answer by  peters (296)

More than likely this is caused by engine flooding, especially on bikes with large aftermarket carbs this can happen. Make sure that the choke is not stuck open, and try starting with no throttle to see if there is any difference. It could also be the opposite, try starting with the choke open every time.


Answer by  yaomingjr32 (120)

i think because it just needs a while for the gas to get going and everything. it is not that easy to start motorcycle.


Answer by  bb (674)

it could be either the fuel mixture is too lean or the ignition is overheating.also the magneto could be going out.check the owners manual to see if it lists a troubleshooting guide.

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