Question by  MiltonBradley (14)

Why should you eat ginger roots with Sushi?

I do not understand the practice of eating ginger roots with sushi.


Answer by  bigdog22 (308)

With Sushi, Ginger root is used to counter the spicy taste of spices and such. It is also a natural version of tums.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Pickled Ginger actually has a good purpose. If you eat a piece before and after you eat a piece of Sushi it actually cleanses your palate. So if you go from eating Sushi with Egg to eating salmon you won't get an undesired aftertaste.


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

Ginger enhances the taste of sushi. Some people like it, some people don't. There are no health reasons for eating ginger with sushi.


Answer by  Kozmo (286)

The ginger is used to cleanse the palate between bites of sushi. It does not take a lot of the ginger to cleanse the palate.

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