Question by  senthil (19)

Why is the Republican Party color red?


Answer by  Megan99 (183)

The Republican Party wasn't always red. In fact, red is most often associated with revolutionary groups around the world. Red was assigned to the Republicans in the 2000 election on TV. Because Bush vs Gore took so long to determine, people got used to "red states" and "blue states".


Answer by  Scott93 (119)

Since the 2000 election, all the major broadcast networks have adopted the same color scheme for reporting voting results; red for Republican states, blue for Democratic states. Although not official, the color red is now widely recognized by the public as representing the Republican party.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

The use of red to distinguish the Republican states started in the 2000 election, as all TV news shows decided to use the same color to differentiate winners. Red and Blue were used because of the contrast in color.


Answer by  tabithabreech (2)

Green Party: No single official color, but associated with green; Libertarian Party: No single official color, but increasingly associated with yellow; Reform Party: red and blue; Republican Party: No single official color, but increasingly associated with red

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