Question by  santosh (31)

Why is the print spooler not working in my Vista network?

Nothing seems to remedy the problem.


Answer by  ankit (105)

It shows operation could not be completed. the print spooler service is not running. To fix this problem goto start>run>type services.msc and click ok. Double-click the printer spooler service, and then change the startup type to automatic. Then restart the computer and try to install the printer again.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

If you have other operating systems on the network as well, Vista does not like to share. You will need to double check and make sure that your IPV 4 settings match on the whole network, and make one of the other computers have the .1 address. Vista will only work properly if it is .2 at the end.


Answer by  fiddlefaddle (883)

Click Start -> Run -> msconfig In General Tab select 'Selective startup' and uncheck 'Load startup items" Click on 'Services' tab Then find the offending driver(s) until you can print.


Answer by  TheSquirrelMaster (81)

The problem with your print spooler has to do with an incorrect driver. Verify that the correct driver is installed for all printers and computers that are on the network. Hence the XP driver on the XP machine, the Vista Driver on the Vista machine.


Answer by  varocketry (10)

The first thing I would suspect is that the print spooler lost its IP assignment from the router if it is set up to be dynamically assigned (DHCP).


Answer by  kevincai96 (669)

In Vista, the print spooler is called a "service." Services are programs or processes that run in the background. So, to remedy this, go to Control Panel, put it in classic view, and in the search bar type "Services manager" or just "services." If that doesn't work go to Task Manager and click processes. Try to find "print spooler" as/a/process.


Answer by  Dave2560 (204)

The printer you are using may be outdated and incompatible with the newer Vista operating system. You could try customer service where you bought the computer to check.


Answer by  Randy998 (226)

I had this problem too, it ended up being a spooling issue and it would take forever for the printer to receive the document and print. I solved it by just taking the USB cord and plugging it into a different spot and rebooting everything. Hope that helps


Answer by  cklight (327)

The print spooler and Vista network may need to communicate to each other via a secure firewall. Make sure that all the devices are enabled in a variety of ways.

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