Question by  worker9173 (22)

Why is my irrigation pump overheating?


Answer by  dhd (93)

This can be caused by inadequate water flow (too small of an inlet valve, for instance), or by copper oxide deposits on the disconnect switch. Alternately, grease may have gotten into the motor windings. Finally, it might be undersized for the amount of water you are drawing from it. Cycling the motor on and off can make the problem worse.


Answer by  SubhashChander (1773)

The irrigation pump could be overheating due to some problem in the motor of the pump or it could be due to excessive use of the pump continuously for long hours.


Answer by  ujwalraimjoshi (729)

please chcke the following for overheating of pump: water pressure & correct pumping, motor condition, intake pipeline leakages if any, and routine maintenance.


Answer by  maknesh (12)

your irrigation punp was overloded. maybe your pump inlet water flow very low. so you can make inlet water flow high level. then your problem solved.

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