Question by  a24May09 (40)

Why is my husband having dreams about his ex wife?

My husband has been dreaming about his ex a good bit, should I be concerned?


Answer by  runnerbeans (374)

It isn't significant that he has dreams about her, obviously she was a significant part of his life at one time and may still play an impact if they had children together, so it isn't unusual that she would appear in his dreams. What's more important is how he feels about the dreams and their contents.


Answer by  bob69 (82)

It is normal for us to dream about past and present people in our lives. I would consider that he is telling you about these dreams a good sign.


Answer by  Anonymous

I don't know, should you? Have you talked to your husband about this? Does he have the self-reflective skills to interpret his dreams? Do you expect him just to forget a huge chunk of his past?

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