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What are the typical roles between a Hindu wife and husband?

My boyfriend is Hindu and as our relationship is progressing I think it is important that I learn more about the life between a Hindu husband and wife.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

Marriage is a contract between two souls over several lifetimes. The couple is expected to uphold their family honor and to procreate. There is a definite bias toward the male. Wives are to be protected and cherished; a happy wife is necessary for a happy household. On the other hand, wives can't be fully trusted and must be watched carefully.

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Tamkees - "Wives can't be fully trusted and must be watched carefully", NEITHER men can be trusted too. This is a thought of a bad mind.
If we see RAMANAYA, RAMA repented for his deeds and he felt sorry for his life and actions for not trusting his wife :SITA  add a comment

Answer by  Mar (428)

In the Hindu marriage the man and woman are expected to adhere to the roles thought of as "traditional roles". Women should be kept happy but are thought of as needing the constant supervision of the male as they are notfully trusted. Sexual relations are for the purpose of procreation and divorce is an alien concept.


Answer by  mtown934 (733)

It is tough to describe a typical marriage between a Hindu wife and husband because they have been progressing and modernizing with the times for quite awhile. What was once tradition has moved more into the modern twenty-first century and the roles are very diverse nowadays. You should generally have the normal relationship between husband and wife.


Answer by  mcmario2007 (786)

The roles are very simple, the Hindu wife remains to be a homemaker and looks after the household and the Husband goes to work and earns for the upkeep of the family.

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Old school thought. what about - our goddess laxmi and saraswathi.
Come on guys pen yours eyes and read the holy books carefully.  add a comment

Answer by  edwin33 (88)

Hindu wife always treat their husband as equal to god.They will respect each other.They dedicate their life for the welfare of others.

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Its both sides. One of our god's has his wife on his chest. WIFES are treated as goddess too. Its depends on individuals a lot..  add a comment

Answer by  beck (1099)

In traditional Hindu families, the new wife becomes a part of the husband's family in a role that is subservient to other females, especially his mother. You will have to judge how "modern" or "traditional" this family is, I would ask other young female members of the family their impressions. You can't assume that all families are the same.


Answer by  nairjula (559)

In the hindu marriage, the husband is the leader of the family and the wife plays second fiddle in the family matters. Her main duty is to bring up the children whereas husband carry all other burdens of the family

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Nairjula - Plz open your eyes. Both should be treated equal. Did not Rukmani not save Lord Kriahna life ?
what about - our goddess laxmi and saraswathi.
Again , Its depends a lot on the particular individuals a lot..  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

Be respectful to the boys family and the boy should also be the same. In our religion wife and husband together are ONE. Just do things thats makes him and his family members happy. There are no set rules, the only rule if be happy together.

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