Question by  Pat64 (25)

Why is my air conditioning unit getting covered in ice?


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

If you are referring to the part of the air conditioner in the house, there are a couple problems that lead to this condition. A completely clogged air filter will cause the coil to freeze up or the unit can be low on charge, lastly the unit can be so oversized that in certain conditions it will freeze.


Answer by  les59 (852)

If you're AC unit is getting covered in Ice, this may mean that you have a Frion Leak. What you should do, is either take the AC unit to be serviced to see if they can find and repair the Frion leak, or replace the AC unit. Usually replacement is the cheapest option.

posted by Anonymous
A refrigerant leak would have the opposite effect to freeze up. Without enough refrigerant the system would be too warm, not too cold. Too much humidity or too little air flow is the problem. Check for a clean filter.  add a comment

Answer by  gigantes117 (92)

There are many different reasons why it might ice. One is that the fan is not moving or is not moving fast enough resulting in the cold air remaining stagnant.


Answer by  BillyBingham (65)

The main reason for ice buildup on air conditioning systems is humidity. Humidity turns into condensation on the unit then becomes frozen when the unit cools and freezes the condensation.

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