Question by  Lolacoyote (64)

Why is it when you ignore a guy, he tries even harder to get your attention?

I get mixed signals from this guy; one minute he's happy to see me, the next he's not.


Answer by  malone (4817)

It's called "playing games." You are toying with him; he's toying with you. Why do you feel that he should be consistently "happy" when you are playing games, ignoring him and then puzzling over "mixed signals?"

Reply by Lolacoyote (64):
They didn't include all my additional info. I stopped talking to him thinking he was no longer interested in what I had to say because of his changing moods. I don't like to play games, its natural for anyone to move on when you feel you're attention is not wanted.  add a comment

Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

It's very common for a person, especially a male, to want what they feel they can't have. When you're ignoring him, he realizes how much he wants you, and when you're giving him the attention you want to give him, he's likely to let his thoughts drift to something that he can't have at that moment. Unfortunate, but very common.


Answer by  jenniev (206)

Men are in some ways just like women. They always want what they cant get. If you give a guy to much attention he takes advantage of it.

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