Question by  bryansimala (41)

Why is contract law so complex?


Answer by  cubbykatz (293)

The reason that contract law is so complex is in fact to protect your rights along with the other party's rights. A well written contract doesn't provide favoritism to either party, allows some sort of escape clause from the contract where neither side "wins", and provides discipline if one party reneges.


Answer by  Heloise (397)

Because human relations are so complex. Contract law has evolved, and is evolving, to cover the types of transaction people want to do. Commerce has become much more than going to the market, seeing what you want, and paying. But as ways of doing business become ever more ingenious and complicated, so do the laws needed to govern them.


Answer by  Lucy1488 (44)

Contract law is so complex because there is always a loophole and most contracts favor one party over the other. Each subsection refers to a particular circumstance. A well written contract must include every possible circumstance that could occur. A contract on rentalproperties must include who can live there and what happens if someone else lives there instead.


Answer by  Anonymous

The reason contract law is so complex is because people don't realize how important their money is in life and they just spend it all up like it's nothing, and that's when they start to go into debt and wonder why. They don't need to wonder! Think about it'


Answer by  Paul99 (47)

Contract law is not per-se complex. A basic contract is nothing more than a pair of mutual promises. "John Smith agrees to pay Jane Doe $100. 00 for Jane Doe's used car. " If both parties sign and indeed if they just agree orally, that is a legally binding contract. Not complex at all.

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