Question by  Zwiggle (79)

Why does my television have a double picture?

My television has a double picture.


Answer by  Craig19 (154)

A double picture most commonly occurs in television sets with a cathode ray tube, that are hooked up to an antenna, and are getting poor reception.


Answer by  MissSophie86 (62)

If its a older television you can open under the television screen a little fold. There have to be some setting wheels in it. With these wheels you cane change the wideness and also if you want a double picture or not. If its a new television use the remote maintenance an take a look in the menu.


Answer by  arushapatel (47)

Using your original remote go-to the tv settings then goto the convergence section. Try to adjust the red and then the blue convergence. You should be able to move them up, down, left, and right. If you can't move them in all directions your convergence chips are bad and should be replaced.

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