Question by  Megan84 (32)

Why does my computer say local area connection network cable unplugged?


Answer by  Z69 (26)

It's because your LAN cable is not plugged in. In order to eradicate that, you can either hide the icon on your bottom right or have LAN cable plugged in


Answer by  Kiwi48 (99)

This can have several different causes. * The cable may be damaged or the wrong type (e.g. a crossover cable) * it could be loose; * the switch may have lost power; * the media settings may be incorrect (e.g. wrong speed settings).


Answer by  GilFinn (2065)

Generally this means that your LAN monitor has reset your WEP password. To correct this, open your WLAN monitor, click Site Survey, Refresh, then select network. Select your encryption mode and then your Passphrase. Click connect, and you should be back online.

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