Question by  Zee (20)

Do I need local area connection software in order to get online?


Answer by  ArchieR (18)

To be "online" means making a connection between a data or file store on one computer to another computer that can access that file or as if that file was physically attached to the viewing computer. That connection does require software on both computers to initiate, maintain, and disconnect.


Answer by  toastedcheese (216)

Unlikely. If you are connecting to the Internet through a wireless card, your card might have come with associated software, but an Ethernet (plug-in) connection to a local area network shouldn't require additional software. Your actual modem might come with software, but that's a different story.


Answer by  Surendra (18)

Hi, Now a days all modern computing device such as PC/laptops are having inbuilt LAN card in built with motherboard. That will be easily identified by all the operating system. Just use the CD that comes with the motherboard,or you can download from the respective manufacturer web site.


Answer by  Empress (122)

Not neccesarily. The way you are attempting to connect to the internet will determine what kind of setup you need to do. You shouldn't need to download software in any case, it should be already on your computer.


Answer by  harvy123 (1)

No! Windows has a built-in software for that

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